FOSSers of Vidya attend Young Professional Zonal Pre-Meetup

A group of ten students representing the FOSSers Club of Vidya attended the FOSS Young Professional Zonal Pre-Meetup organised by International Centre for Free and Open Source Software (ICFOSS)  at Federal Institute of Science And Technology (FISAT), Angamaly, on 30 January 2019. ICFOSS is an autonomous organization set up by the Government of Kerala and having the combined mandate of popularizing Free and Open Source Software for universal use consolidating the early FOSS work done in Kerala and networking with different nations, communities and governments to collaboratively promote FOSS.
The event was on the topic “Industry 4.0” which happens to be the theme of FOSS Young Professional Meetup (FYPM) to be held in Kovalam on 9 – 10 February 2019. The first speaker of the event was Shahul Hameed from ICFOSS who explained the concept of Industry 4.0. The second speaker was Anupa Ann Joseph, also from ICFOSS, who discussed the problems and limitations faced by women in the IT field and how they could be resolved. As the majority of the women participation was from Vidya, it was specially mentioned and commended by ICFOSS.It was also the first official meetup of LinuxChix Kerala community. Next, a pop-up quiz was held about FOSS and prizes were given to the winners. A feedback session followed by the distribution of FOSS goodies was conducted thereafter. It was immediately followed by a formal vote of thanks by the Head of CSE department, FISAT and the event was concluded after a group photograph.

  • Manjumaney, S3 B Tech CSE B
  • Liya Derby, S3 B Tech CSE B
  • Shikha Sajan, S3 B Tech CSE B
  • Krishnaja, S3 B Tech CSE B
  • Subin Siby, S3 B Tech CSE B
  • Nitya Prakash, S1 B Tech CSE A
  • Radhika Sharma, S1 B Tech CSE B
  • Mohammed Hashim, S1 B Tech CSE B
  • Sreelakshmi T S S1 B Tech CSE B
  • Madhav Vinod, S1 B Tech CSE B
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