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Latest Events & Achievements of MCA VAST

MCA students’ spectacular performance in university examinations

The performance of the MCA students of the 2018-21 batch in the university examinations can only be described as spectacular! ...
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Hemophilia Awareness Talk

The MCA Dept Association (ViCA Association), in association with Hemophilia Federation India, organised a "Hemophilia Awareness Talk" at 11,00 am ...
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“Annorukaalaththu” is now publicly available!

"Annorukaalaththu" is a compilation of Covid lock down memories compiled by students of S1/S2 MCA students (2020 admissions batch) of ...
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MCA students celebrate Onam with fun, cooking contest and release of Covid memorabilia anthology

All who participated in the programme were unanimous in their opinion that the programme organised by the MCA Dept to ...
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MCA Dept launches “ViCA Outreach”

"ViCA Outreach" is a new initiative of the MCA Dept to reach out to students in other educational institutions. The ...
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MCA Dept’s Online Workshop for Std VI students in Sacred Heart School with classmate as “teacher”

On the Workshop The MCA Dept of Vidya, jointly with Sacred Heart Convent Girls' Higher Secondary School, Thrissur, organised an ...
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