Computer Science & Engineering

Latest Events & Achievements of CSE VAST

Seven-day online bootcamp “>hello.World();” in Vidya

The Developers Student Club (DSC) of Vidya in association with VCAIR corganised a seven-day online bootcamp christenend "> hello.World();" during ...
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Five Vidya students enter second level of Cisco Ideathon 2020

Five students of Vidya got shortlisted for the second level of Cisco Ideathon 2020 contest. A total of 6089 students ...
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Nobody can stop him from learning!

Anurag Chandra, a prospective student of the first year B Tech CSE classes, has already completed successfully four courses offered ...
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CSE Dept organises bootcamp for first year B Tech Students

The CSE Dept. organised a bootcamp on the theme “An introduction to AI and opportunities @ Vidya" for the first ...
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CSE Dept conducts orientation programme to new faculty members

The CSE Dept organised an orientation programme for the newly joined faculty members of the Dept on 3 September 2020 ...
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Coursera course completion by first year B Tech CSE students

The following prospective students of first B Tech CSE classes successfully completed the Coursera course on "Python for Everybody" offered ...
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