ME faculty attends three-day FDP on “Induction Programme through Universal Human Values”

Mr Hareesh K (AP, ME Dept) attended a three-day Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on “Student Induction Program through Universal Human Values” sponsored by AICTE and conducted by Ammini College of Engineering, Mankara, Palakkad during 14 – 16 June 2019. As many as 140 faculty members from various colleges in and around Kerala participated in the programme.

The session started with a formal inaugural function. Mr Pankaj K Vashist, Unit Head, Instrumentation Limited, Palakkad was the chief guest. The inaugural function was presided by Mr K G Madhu (Chairman, Managing Trust). Dr Suresh Kumar (Principal, Ammini College of Engineering) welcomed all dignitaries and participants to the FDP.

A quick walk through the various sessions

The various sessions of the FDP were handled by Mr Giridhar and Prof I N Swamy.

  • On the first day, in the forenoon, Mr Giridhar explained the need and relevance of this FDP and focused more on the transition of students from adolescents to youth. He deliberated more on the desires of human beings and explained in detail about the difference between the value education and moral education. The afternoon session was handled by Prof I N Swamy who talked about the basic needs of human beings and explained the predominant factors in fulfillment. He also talked in detail  about the philosophy of right understanding and right feeling of individuals. This followed by a group discussion on the role of education and competence.
  • On the second-day, in the forenoon session, Prof Swamy explained and discussed the importance of mutual happiness and mutual prosperity and proceeded to give a detailed analysis of realization and understanding. He also discussed in detail about the relationship and harmony in human life. The second-day afternoon session was handled by Mr Giridhar and concentrated more on feelings in the relationship from foundation value to complete value. He discussed various human values in details like ttrust, respect, affection, care, guidance, reverence, glory, gratitude and love. Each value was explained with practical importance and followed by the experience sharing of participants.
  • On the third day Mr Giridhar introduced the concepts related to responsibility to society and harmony in life. The afternoon session of the third day was on Sahaj Yoga and meditation practice.

Dr Ramachandran N

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