Mr Arun Xavier’s (AP, EEE Dept) LaTeX playlist in YouTube

Mr Arun Xavier, a young faculty member in the EEE Dept, is an enthusiastic populariser of the document preparation system LaTeX. He has given several talks, conducted large number of workshops and served as resource person in seminars, etc. on LaTeX. He has created a collection of short videos dealing with different aspects of LaTeX and uploaded to the video repository YouTube. The videos are collected together in a playlist in his YouTube Channel. The Editorial Team of News & Events is happy to share with the readers of these columns the link to the playlist and also to the individual videos in the playlist.


LaTeX Playlist link



YouTube videos on LaTeX created by Mr Arun Xavier
Sl No Title Description Link
1 LaTeX Introduction in Malayalam First document in LaTeX https://youtu.be/w21OX2aMWVM
2 How to Install LaTeX Software TeXworks and TeXStudio software https://youtu.be/bTOBZDa0FWA
3 Document Classes in LaTeX Article and book classes: Usage and examples https://youtu.be/0-LY0QYddl8
4 Chapter, Section, Subsection & Table of Contents https://youtu.be/vBXmymnavTM
5 How to insert Images Options like width, height, scale, angle;  list of Figures https://youtu.be/O7xP254s6-U
6 How to insert Tables Column and row; list of tables; online table code generator https://youtu.be/90CSdQD3fUA
7 Bold, Italic, Underline, Bullets and Numbering, Colours, Font Size https://youtu.be/BUDHvogukfI
8 How to use Templates B Tech Seminar Report https://youtu.be/BPJPltmDnn4
9 How to use Templates using Overleaf No need to install software https://youtu.be/mMLPexig3Do
1o How to use the IEEEtran LaTeX Basics of IEEEtran and master it in 30 Minutes https://youtu.be/72pMlIb9PFI