Talk on how technology is driving business transformation

The Training and Placement Department and the Industry Institute Interaction Cell at the College jointly organized a webinar on the theme “Technology Driving Business Transformation” on 29 September 2021. The online session for the 2022 pass out students was delivered by Mr. Deepak Rajiven, Head of Sales for Cloud and Infrastructure Services, Wipro Technologies, USA.

The program was organized and conducted by the final students of the college. The session began with a prayer by Anjana P Anil.  C M Arpita welcomed the gathering after which Devika M S introduced the speaker to the audience.

Mr. Deepak Rajiven joined in live from Pennsylvania, USA. He told the students to not get carried away by setbacks in life and to take each of them to be the stepping stones for success. He reminisced his own student days and how he went on to move ahead through perseverance and focus. He extolled the students to take up voluntary work, travel and meet people, and approach life with humility. The world is changing very rapidly and technology has been helping companies to take a new path in managing their business. The modern business would is dominated by AI, IOT, robotics, block chain, augmented reality / virtual reality, 3D printing, drones, 5G, big data, digital twins, autonomous vehicles, genomics and gene editing. Students need to watch for these changes, learn new concepts, technology, and adopt. “Pick one area and go for it as definitely these will remain for the next 10 years and will be the hot skills. Go beyond the curriculum, do something extra, technical certifications, volunteering experience. Demonstrate your abilities. Opportunities are vast, develop a passion and have the hunger to excel.”, Mr Deepak Rajeevan said.

Anjali S Nair shared the experience gained after attending this meeting. Devika M S proposed the vote of thanks.