Vidya gets appreciation certificates from Water Resources Department

Vidya students and staff members involved in the Karuvannur river project  received an appreciation certificate from the Govt authorities for their committed and praiseworthy association with the Water Resources Department during November 2020 to February 2021 and for successfully completing the tasks assigned to them, namely, the field studies, water sample collection and analysis in the designated stretch of the river. The work was done in connection with the preparation of a DRP for abatement of pollution and rejuvenation of 21 rivers in Kerala.

News & Events report dated 27 January 2021

CE Dept to be part of Kerala Govt’s Karuvannur River rejuvenation programme

Project Team: Faculty and staff members
  1. Dr. Justine Jose C (HoD – CE)
  2. Dr. Abhilasha P S (Associate Professor – CE)
  3. Ms. Nirmala Krishnan (AP – CE)
  4. Ms. Anjali P S (AP – CE)
  5. Ms. Chithira Ajeeth (AP – CE)
  6. Ms. Chithra M (AP – CE)
  7. Ms. Ponsy Paul (AP – CE)
  8. Ms. Anu Maria Antony (AP – CE)
  9. Ms. Vrinda A V(AP – CE)
  10. Dr. Sobha AP (Associate Professor – Applied Science)
  11. Dr. Vineetha A S (Associate Professor – Applied Science)
  12. Ms. Devikanath (Lab Instructor – CE )
  13. Mr. Sudhakaran T T (Lab Instructor – CE )
  14. Mr. Sunish Kumar K B (Lab Instructor – CE )
  15. Mr. Shaji O S (Lab Instructor, Chemistry Department)


Project Team: Students
  1. Swathi K. N.
  2. Swathy M. G .
  3. Vimal Krishna
  4. Rithi Suresh
  5. Reshma K B
  6. Nimisha Shaji
  7. Nithin A V
  8. Sandra mariya martin
  9. Vismaya C V
  10. Vishnuprasad
  11. Renjal P Reghu
  12. K S Aswathy
  13. Athira Chandhran
  14. Arya P Prakash
  15. Arsha Benny
  16. Devika V S
  17. Arunima K M
  18. Akshay
  19. Athulkrishna A
  20. Alishan Ashraf
  21. Akshara Valson
  22. Anagha Shabu
  23. Adithya K J
  24. Aparna Rajeev
  25. Christy K F
  26. Archana T P
  27. Ameesha M R