Infosys continues to recruit Vidya students: Total number of offers is now 24

Last week, News & Events carried a report on Infosys recruiting 11 vidya students. In the next round of recruitment, Infosys has offered placements to a further set of 13 Vidya students making the total number of placement offers to Vidya students 24. Congratulations to all the placed students.

Ardra M M. Tech CSE Infosys
Haritha H MCA MCA Infosys
Niranjana S B. Tech CSE-B Infosys
Tinji Martin B. Tech CSE-B Infosys
Fasla KA M. Tech ECE Infosys
Archana KP B. Tech CSE-A Infosys
Vinayak M B. Tech CSE-B Infosys
Indhu P B. Tech CSE-A Infosys
Milan OS B. Tech CSE-B Infosys
Arundas CH B. Tech CSE-A Infosys
Anagha Rajeev M. Tech ECE Infosys
Ardra TK B. Tech ECE-A Infosys
Varsha Viswanathan B. Tech CSE-B Infosys