Beacon of strength and knowledge , Dr N Ramachandran bids adieu to Vidya 

Dr N Ramachandran (Head , ME Dept) , the embodiment of what a good academician appears like, bid adieu to Vidya after his commendable service in Vidya. Consequent on completing 70 years of age, he retired  from Vidya’s service on 31 August 2022.

A force to be reckoned and his imparting knowledge and skills that have helped further career and professional life of all the faculty and staff members in the Dept and even in the college.

Dr N Ramachandran

An ardent teacher, with more than 40 years of  experience, has  spent imparting the right knowledge and skills to the students appropriately. He has held various positions in Vidya and served as a resource person for  several workshops , seminars and  co-ordinator of several esteemed events like Graduation Ceremony, Scholarship Function, DB Day and Brahmasmrithi.

Prior to joining Vidya in September 2017, Dr Ramachandran, has served Central Power Research Institute, Bangalore with increasing responsibilities as  Project Assistant  and Scientist Gr. V . He retired as Head of the Dept in Mechanical Engineering and School of Management Studies (SOMS)  from NIT Calicut in August 2017.

Dr Ramachandran  has around 25 publications to his credit  in peer reviewed International Journals and Conferences. His research interests which include unconventional machining- AJM, Material Science, Manufacturing Science have really contributed substantially in guiding PhD thesis, 15 M.Tech thesis and more than 50 B.Tech projects.

Balancing all the abilities and skills of professional education, the Dept  became a citadel of knowledge and wisdom for the students under his ‘leadership which inspired others to strive to perform  their duties  better by working as a team .

An avid music lover and a voracious reader 

Uniting a passion for teaching and a love for music can be quite difficult, but Dr N Ramachandran thinks it is a perfect blend to combine his passions for teaching and music. Dr Ramachandran  reads books on diverse topics and has actively involved in all the literary activities  conducted by central library.

The Editorial Team of  News & Events joins the entire Vidya family in wishing Dr Ramachandran a happy  retired life. Your professionalism, affectionate gestures, and sweetness to every colleagues and students  that are engraved on their hearts will be always remembered with fond memories !!!