Vidya Kho Kho Team wins trophy for Champion (Men) and Runner Up (Women) in the E Zone Inter Collegiate Championship

Vidya students participate in myriad of extra-curricular activities, which exposes them to and tests their skills in sports and they have come out with flying colors this time as well .

It is with great sense of pride that , Vidya Kho Kho Men team became Champions and Women team as Runner Up in the E Zone Inter Collegiate Kho Kho championship held at Govt Engineering College,Thrissur on 30 November 2022. The Teams also qualified to APJAKTU Inter Collegiate  Tournament to be held at CET Trivandrum during 03-04 December 2022.

Kho Kho Team (Men)
1 Abin Babu EEE S7 7 Donal Geo Vincent ME S3
2 Vinay M V EEE S7 8 A S Abinav ME S3
3 Alex Sabu EEE S1 9 Mohammed Safwan P ECE S7
4 Suhshad I K CE S7 10 Antony Anand Moylan ECE S5
5 Albin Lazar CE S5 11 Abhinav M CSE S1
6 Aswin Jayathilakan ME S3 12 Ayoob A Zainudheen SE S1
Kho Kho Team (Women)
1 Niyatha Santhosh ECE S7 7 Vishnu Preem EEE S7
2 Pooja A R ECE S7 8 Ashna Merlin EEE S7
3 Rohini Vijayakumar V ECE S7 9 Namitha P Menon CSE S3
4 Arunima M Sarath ECE S5 10 Cilla E J AIML S1
5 Arundhathi C ECE S5 11 Mariya Derby AIML S1
6 Asna S ECE S3 12 Gayathri Vennankot Govind AIML S1


Kho Kho Women Team
The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya family in extending heartiest congratulation  to the vivacious Team Members of Kho Kho on winning this inspiring titles and  wishing all the best to make the  indelible mark  in the  APJAKTU Inter Collegiate  Tournament !!!