Mechanical Engineering

Progress through education by creating smart mechanical engineers who can shoulder both theoretical and practical situations in the complex mechanical engineering world.


  1. To impart high quality education in Mechanical Engineering through practical and theoretical training.
  2. To create and maintain an environment which will facilitate effective teaching-learning process for the faculty and students.
  3. To mould smart and dynamic mechanical engineering graduates who will shoulder real life engineering problems by applying practical and theoretical knowledge along with various management tools and professional ethics.

Latest Events & Achievements of ME VAST

ME faculty member attends National level Online FDP

Vidya faculty members guarantee that they meet their academic and scholar potential, and expand spotlight by attending Faculty Development Programme/ ...

Onam celebration 2023 with the most grandiose manner with much zeal and panache

Onam celebration brings in the best of festive spirit among the students of Vidya and is celebrated with much splendor ...

ME students keep on a magnificent past active by presenting ‘Onakkodi’

Onam carries an ambience of presenting and receiving gifts. The students of ME Dept have been keeping some noble practices ...

Vidya’s top performers in KTU S8 B Tech results

Vidya B Tech (2019-23 Batch) students persistent with their triumphant line not unexpectedly, but they put hardword and shaped out ...

Dr Bhavin K Bharath felicitated with a PhD degree from NIT Trichy

Vidya is always equipped with higly qauilified faculty members to respond to the needs of the society it caters to ...

Placement and Internship (2019 – 23 batch Students)

At Vidya, we make every effort to sharpen the technical and analytical skills of our students through different kinds of ...