Release of book “First masters of Vidya: Where they are in February 2015” compiled by Ms Salkala K S

The first masters of Vidya are the students of the first MCA batch of Vidya. The first MCA batch of Vidya was started in 2006. These students have organised themselves under the banner of First Masters of Vidya and have been organising charity works on a regular basis. Also they have strongly retained the umbilical cord connecting them with their alma mater. Ms Salkala K S, Assistant Professor, collected details of each and every student of the first batch as to where they are, what they are doing, and the like, in the month of February 2015. She also took pains to present the data in the form of a book. The book was aptly titled “First Masters of Vidya: Where they are in February 2015.” The second component of the program on 17 April 2015 was the release of this book. The book was formally released by Mr Paul Chakola, Head of the T&P Dept.