Teacher as an Academic Leader

SAMEEKSHA Vidya Trainer’s club organized a talk on “Role of Teacher as an Academic Leader”  on 7th March 2017 at 11 AM. 40 faculty and non faculty members attended the talk.Dr K S Radhakrishnan the former chairman of Public Service Commission and The Former Vice Chancellor of Kaladi Sanskrit University was the Resource person for the talk.

He mainly focused on the shift in the very basic definition of education.He also emphasized the point of a  teacher’s primary responsibility is  to teach and one should never let oneself deviate from it. Besides teaching a teacher should involve oneself in dedicated research. Research should be able to create something productive for the society at large rather than researching for the sake of research. Planning and extension should also be a part of teaching.He also stressed that teaching shouldn’t be a part time affair and should always be with the student community. The focus of any teacher should not be on 99% of the privileged group of students but on the 1% underprivileged ones who need our attention and care.