A Small Charity Work by MCA Students

The students of S5 MCA class organised a small charity programme on 17.03.2017. The work consisted of visiting a home for mentally challenged persons, spending some quality time with the inmates of the home and helping the running of the home by making some donations in the form of food and clothing  materials for the inmates. The faculty and staff of the department wholeheartedly participated in the programme.

The home the students chose to visit was Nirmala Sadan, Home for Mentally and Physically Challenged Children and Elders, located at Edakkalathur, managed by the Society of Nirmala Dasikal, Thrissur.  The Home provides shelter to 36 persons of different age groups and gender. All of them are physically and mentally challenged persons and are confined to  secured cots and beds.  The students and staff reached the Home at about 10.00 am and spent about 2 hours there.  During the interaction, the students served each of the inmates ice-cream in his/her mouth as they were unable to take any food on their own. The students also handed over the food materials they had collected. They also handed over the clothing materials.

The sisters in charge of the Home reminded the visitors that the thought of these unfortunate inmates must always remind us how fortunate each one of us was in having such a wonderful life, and we must always thank God for his bounteousness in providing us with such a life.