Imagine Vidya 2028: Prizes Distributed

Decennial Year Celebrations
Department of Computer Applications
Imagine Vidya 2028 : Essay Writing Competition

Dear Colleagues”Imagine Vidya 2028” was an essay writing contest organised by the Department of Computer Applications as part of the Decennial Year Celebrations of the Department of Computer Applications.

The contest was basically and seriously intended as a quest for preparing a realistic, yet ambitious, roadmap the development trajectory of Vidya should, could and would take in the next ten-eleven years. After carefully evaluating all submitted entries, and also after taking the views of VICT, the organisers came to the conclusion that, even though the efforts are greatly appreciable, it would be inappropriate to award the announced prizes to any of the contestants. At the same time, all in the Department of Computer Applications, and the VICT officials, wanted to appreciate the commitment shown by the participants and their efforts in articulating a wide spectrum of useful ideas for the advancement of Vidya.Accordingly it was decided to award “Appreciation Prizes” for the best three compositions.  Each Appreciation Prize would carry a cash component equal to the cash component of the First Prize as initially announced, namely Rs.3000/-.

After several rounds of discussions and careful scrutiny of the contents of each and every submitted essay, it was decided to award the Appreciation Prizes to, in alphabetical order, Mr Hareesh  K, Asst. Professor in Mechanical Engineerling, Ms. Reshmi Vasanth, Asst. Manager, VICT, and Dr S. Swapna Kumar, Professor of ECE. The cash prizes and certificates to Mr Hareesh and Dr Swapna Kumar were distributed in the College Day function held in the Auditorium on 21.04.2017. the cash prize and certificate to Ms Reshmi Vasanth was distributed in a small function held in the Room of the Head of Department of Computer applications on 25.04.2017.