A new book from Dr K B M Nambudiripad

Dr K B M Nambudiripad, the doyen of the academic community of the College, has come out  with yet another book. The latest book titled “Advanced Mechanics of Solids: A Gentle Introduction” has been published by Narosa Publishing House.

From the Preface to the book: “This is a book on Advanced Mechanics of Solids, but presented at a more elementary level, and hence the qualifier A Gentle Introduction in spite of the obvious self-contradiction. This is written mainly for the undergraduate students of Civil, Mechanical and Aerospace branches of the relatively new APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University of Kerala, sometimes abbreviated as KTU. The look of helplessness writ large on the young innocent faces of the students is the main motivation for venturing to write this book.”

Here are images of the cover pages of other books authored by Dr K BM Nambudiripad.