Ten CSE students selected for summer internship at NVIDIA-Bennett Research Centre

As an offshoot of Vidya becoming a Zonal Lead Partner in a project from Royal Academy of Engineering, UK, Vidya has reccently established the Vidya Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research (V-CAIR).

The Royal Academy of Engineering has sanctioned the project to Bennett University, Greater Noida, India. University College, London, and Brunel University, London, are the academic collaborators of the project, and NVIDIA and AWS Educate, Videoken and Edvantics are the industry partners.

As part of the project, the following ten CSE students have been selected for doing summer internship at NVIDIA-Bennett Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence, Greater Noida during the period 04.06.2018 to 04.07.2018.

1 Meera Saseendran T S6 B Tech (CSE)
2 Ashika K S S6 B Tech (CSE)
3 Gautam Krishna S6 B Tech (CSE)
4 Anirudh T P S6 B Tech (CSE)
5 Arjun PM S6 B Tech (CSE)
6 Abhishek Nandhakumar S6 B Tech (CSE)
7 Riya P D S2 M Tech (CSE)
8 Anusree I S2 M Tech (CSE)
9 Nandini P S S2 M Tech (CSE)
10 Akhila Gopal S2 M Tech (CSE)