ME faculty members participate in QIP at IIT Bombay

Dr Rakesh Hari and Mr Pillu V Mohan (Assistant Professors, ME Dept) participated in the AICTE sponsored one-week Quality Improvement Programme (QIP) in “First Course in Computational Fluid Dynamics: Development, Application and Analysis (FCCFD-2018)” conducted at IIT Bombay during 25-29 June 2018. The objective of the course was to train the participants to teach Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to B Tech and M Tech students, to pursue sponsored research work/projects and to guide students for their projects on CFD.

The course gave major emphasis on simplifying the mathematics involved by presenting the basic ideas of CFD using physical-laws. This novel approach helped the participants to get started with computer-programming. The content of the course was structured for a module-by-module code-development of the two-dimensional numerical formulation of the CFD problems. This helped the participants to develop and effectively use a CFD software. In the hands-on sessions, the CFD codes on heat transfer problems which were developed in the lecture-sessions, were demonstrated.

Dr Ramachandran N

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