Sameeksha organises Tutors’ Training for AICTE Induction Programme 2018

Sameeksha, the Trainers’ Club of Vidya, organised a two-day training programme during 19 – 20 July 2018 for the Group Tutors of first year B Tech students as a preparation for the AICTE Induction Programme  to be conducted during 23 – 29 July 2018. Around 25 faculty members attended the sessions.

The session started with a welcome address by Mr Hareesh K (AP, ME Dept). Following this Dr Saji C B, Principal, addressed the audience. He remarked that engineering college teachers, unlike teachers in other streams, do not receive any formal training to be teachers. He noted that students may be classified into four categories: capable and willing, not capable but willing, capable not willing and not willing and not capable students. The groups that require the most care and attention are those who are capable but not willing and willing but not capable.  So it is the duty of mentors to identify the right nature of his/her wards and help them bring out their talents.

After the inaugural session, Mr Hareesh K briefed audience about the schedule and the responsibilities of tutors during the AICTE induction programme. The tutors were made aware of the various modules of the induction programme.

After the briefing by Mr Hareesh, the various human values to be presented during the induction programme were discussed through interactive sessions. The resource persons for the various aspects of the human values were identified as under.

  1. Aspirations and family expectations – Ms Beena M V
  2. Gratitude – Mr Alex Chacko
  3. Healthy and unhealthy competition – Ms Mary P Varghese
  4. Interaction and ragging – Mr Dileep K
  5. Peer Influence – Ms Divya Radhakrishnan
  6. Self confidence – Ms Divya Radhakrishnan
  7. Prosperity – Mr  Biju P V
  8. Relationships – Mr Alex Chacko
  9. Anger – Ms Akhila R

Executive Director Er G Mohanachandran was a part of the session on the second day. He mentioned that mentors should get into the hearts of their students. Each mentor should try to increase their value in the minds of their students through their actions.

Dr K B M Namboodiripad also participated in the discussions. He said that teachers should deal with students according to their capabilities. Students could develop self confidence by increasing their public speaking skills.
On the second day, Dr Latha Raj conducted a session on “The Wheel of Life”. The wheel of life shows the various relations a person has during his/her life time and how he/she can improve his/her relations by balancing the wheel of life.
Mr Alex summarized the entire session and the outcomes expected from each human value. The session came to an end by a formal vote of thanks by Mr Hareesh.