SAP flags off setting of Science Laboratory in HSS Panangad

The Science Awareness Programme (SAP) of Vidya is increasingly getting attention and recognition from educational institutions in this part of the state of Kerala.

A request from HSS, Panagad

Recently,  the SAP team has taken up a request from Higher Secondary School, Panangad, Thrissur District,  to help them with the renovation of their science laboratory for high school students. As per the request, a SAP team consisting of Mr Hareesh K (AP, ME Dept), Mr Liju Augustine (AP, Applied Sciences Dept), Dr Vineetha C P (AP, Applied Sciences Dept) and Ms Divya Radhakrishnan (AP, Humanities Dept) visited the school on 28 November 2018  for a preliminary discussion with the Head Master of the School, the school management and teachers.

An outline of suggetions by SAP team

The high school curriculum as such does not provide any time slots for practical classes. The aim of the new lab should be to do certain traditional experiments as well as some advanced ones. Based on the assessment of the current conditions, the SAP team felt that the following have to be noted:

  1. Equal amount of money should be allocated for Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs.
  2. Provisions have to be made for safety of the lab including safety instructions, fire extinguishers, first aid, etc.
  3. Infrastructure improvements have to be made for providing exhaust fans, wash basins, drainage for chemical wastes, work benches with sink etc.
  4. Beautification of the lab has to be done including wall pictures , quotes , proper lighting etc, to attract students to the lab.
  5. A register has to be maintained in the lab to note the details of students coming to the lab and the experiments conducted by them.

The SAP team has requested the Head Master Shri Murali for a detailed budget providing for the items above. During the discussion, the fund was decided to be allocated as follows :

  1. Physics-35%
  2. Chemistry – 30%
  3. Biology – 18%
  4. Beautification – 10%
  5. Contingency reserve- 7%

The physics and chemistry teachers were requested to make a list of experiments to be conducted (including both traditional and advanced). They are also required to make an inventory of items currently available and what would be required for the experiments.

SAP team’s second visit of the School

The SAP team visited the School 3 December 2018 for a second round of discussions. Based on the fund allocation, the school authorities were requested to initiate the beautification activities immediately. In these discussions, it was tentatively decided complete the renovation by 26 January 2019.