Two-day Punarjjani at Rama Varma Ayurveda Hospital, Thrissur

The NSS units of Vidya conducted a Punarjjani programme at Rama Varma Ayurveda Hospital,  Thrissur,  during 15 – 17 January 2019. As many as 75 NSS volunteers led by Volunteer Secretaries participated in the event.  The program was inaugurated by Mrs Syamala.  As part of the activities, Volunteers cleaned and painted some damaged medical equipment of the hospital.

Punarjani: An overview

Punarjani is designed to make use of the non-functional equipment and the basic facilities in government institutions, particularly Government Hospitals, by making use of the services of NSS technical cell volunteers. The project aims to provide valuable equipment in hospitals like operation table, nebulisers, BP apparatus, couches, tables, drip stands, trolleys and wheelchairs by repairing damaged and out-of-use furniture and other health-care facilities at Government Hospitals. Last year, the authorities held 55 NSS Punarjani camps in about 60 government institutions, ensuring the participation of 5,000 NSS Technical Cell volunteers.  Assets around Rs 50 crore were repaired and re-installed. Since 2013, about 242 hospitals, schools, public institutions, etc. were rejuvenated by making use of the service of 300 programme officers and 18,500 volunteers from all over Kerala. As a result, they could make use of assets worth Rs 91.64 crore (New Indian Express 14th July 2018).