Fr Davis Chiramel returns to the campus once again to motivate V Challenge volunteers

Fr Davis Chiramel

Fr Davis Chiramel, Chairman, Kidney Federation of India, was part of a discussion, held in the Auditorium on 26 April 2019, by the volunteers of “V Challenge Waste and Wastage” campaign on how to move forward with the challenge. The students were overwhelmed by the presence of Fr Davis Chiramel.

After the students had aired their suggestions, Fr Davis Chiramel addressed the students saying that they should start from small things. He suggested to the students to start the revolution by collecting and bringing e-waste from their homes. He insisted on the need for the campus to follow the green protocol. By starting and making small changes the students could bring in a revolution.

Fr Davis Chiramel on the occasion of the launch of V Challenge Waste and Wastage Campaign

The meeting was attended by around 60 student volunteers and it was coordinated by Mr Arun K L (AP, ME Dept), Ms Akhila R (AP, EEE Dept), Ms Divya Radhakrishnan (AP, Humanities dept) and Ms Swapana E V M (AP, ECE Dept).

It may be recalled that Fr Chiramel was an invited special guest on the occasion of the launching of the V Challenge Waste and Wastage Campaign in Vidya on 14 March 2019.