Management Review meeting focuses on “where does Vidya stand?”

Though it had all the trappings of a ritual – a rigidly structured agenda, formal presentations and talks, etc – the recently held Management Review meeting, mandatorily required as per ISO standards, turned out to be a a no-holds barred discussion on the status of Vidya’s present position in the current turbulent ambience of engineering education. The presence of Mr Sudhakaran Polassery, Chairman, VICT, added an extra bit of seriousness to the deliberations. It was noted by the participants that though certainly there were a few weak points which needed further strengthening, the overall strengths of Vidya could be harnessed to navigate Vidya to greater heights.

The Management Review Meeting conducted as per ISO standards was held on 6 May 2019.

In addition to Mr Sudhakaran Polassery, Er G Mohanachandra, Executive Direcor and Mr Suresh Lal, Finance Director also participated in the meeting as representatives of the management. Principal, Vice-Principal, Dean-Academics, and Heads of Departments all actively participated in the deliberations. The meeting began with a brief presentation by Prof Mary P Varghese (Management Representative and Asso Prof, EEE Dept) on the findings of the internal audits and the external Surveillance Audit conducted by Bureau Veritas. Mr K R Anil Kumar (Assistant Management Representative, Asso Prof, PE Dept) and Ms Divya Unni (Assistant Management Representative, AP, ECE Dept) were also present in the meeting.