Classes of the present semester end

Regular classes of the present semester for all programmes under APJ Abdul Kalam University came to an on 14 may 2019. This was as per the academic calendar published by the University. During the period between the day of the ending of classes and the day of commencement of end-semester examinations a few students and a few faculty members will have to come to the College to hold special classes, model examinations, summer courses and remedial classes. Faculty and staff members who are privileged to avail summer vacation have been given the option of choosing the period of vacation between two slots: one slot beginning on 19 May 2019 and ending on 23 June 2019 and another slot beginning on 7 June 2019 and ending on 7 July 2019. However, they may not be able to enjoy vacationing during the full period of vacation as they will be required to attend to duties related to University examinations. Regular classes for the odd semester of the next academic year for students studying the third and fifth semesters of their programmes of study (S3/S5 UG, S3/S5 MCA) are scheduled to commence on 15 July 2019. For all other students classes are scheduled to begin only on 1 August 2019.