“The Organizoholic Girl”

It will only be a truism to say that there will be many students in Vidya’s campus charting trajectories of creativity unknown to their teachers or fellow students. They may not be securing high grades or ranks, they may not be participating in competitions and winning prizes or awards or laurels. But they go about their business with an attitude of “business as usual”. Recently, the Editorial Team of News & Events accidentally came across such a student in Vidya’s campus  and the Team is happy to introduce her to the readers of these pages.

“The Organisoholic Girl” represents the creative and entrepreneurial initiative a girl student of Vidya. It is a micro-business venture, a small start up, that has the potential to transform to a great business idea. This firm caters to the needs of a discerning niche of people who like to surprise their friends and relatives with personalised, customised gifts and mementos. It is precisely such things that “The Girl” is trying to provide. The owner of this initiative started working on this idea some one year ago and started to deliver the products this last June. She already has a growing clientele.

Nazreen Mansoor

An interesting creation which has found a lot of customers is what “The Girl” calls a mini-dictionary, a dictionary containing words describing the person to whom it is gifted, a dictionary that doubles up as a key-chain. She has created a bridal basket, personalised greeting cards using everyday objects, and things like that. With her permission, the images of a few of these products are presented below. More images are available in her Instagram account which can be accessed HERE.

The brain behind The Organizoholic Girl is Nazreen Mansoor, a student of S3 MCA class of Vidya. She loves designing and has a passion for creating beautiful unique products using everyday objects.


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