What are course evaluation strategies?

As a preparation for securing NBA accreditation of the B Tech programmes in CSE and ECE Depts, a special session on “Course Evaluation Strategies” was held for the benefit of the faculty and staff of the the two Depts on 4 march 2020. Dr C K Raju (Professor, CSE Dept) handled the session.

At the end of a course (that is, studying one subject), the students attending the course must attain the outcomes defined for the course and the teacher must ensure that these outcomes are attained by the students. To ensure this, there should be proper and well defined course evaluation strategies. Dr Raju explained various strategies used for evaluating course outcomes and how the Course Outcomes are mapped with these evaluation strategies. There are direct and indirect course evaluation strategies. He mainly focused on direct evaluation strategies and how it could be implemented in giving assignments and in the evaluation of internal exams. Dr Sudha Balagopalan, Dean-Academics, also spoke on the occasion. Prof Sunitha C (Associate Professor, CSE Dept and NBA Institutional Coordinator) concluded the session by explaining how the attainment levels of each course could be defined by fixing a common institution level strategy.