Webinar on Essentials of Entrepreneurship

The session aimed to equip participants, comprising both faculty members and MCA students, with a fundamental comprehension of research methodology for their course.Master of Computer Applications in Association with IEDC cell, VAST organized the program on 24/04/2020 at 2pm .Mr Dijesh P, Asso Prof, MCA, VAST served as the resource person.

The workshop aimed to help people learn how to become successful entrepreneurs.The workshop on “Essentials of Entrepreneurship” aimed to equip participants with fundamental skills and knowledge necessary for starting and managing their own ventures. Through interactive sessions and case studies, participants learned about key concepts such as identifying opportunities, creating business plans, understanding market dynamics, and developing effective strategies for growth and sustainability.

Additionally, the workshop emphasized the importance of innovation, adaptability, and resilience in the entrepreneurial journey. By providing practical insights and guidance, the workshop inspired and empowered participants to embark on their entrepreneurial endeavors with confidence and a solid understanding of the essential principles of entrepreneurship.

There were approximately 35 attendees. It came to an end at 4: 00 pm.