CSE student develops online multiplayer game

Subin Siby

Now that most of people are staying at home, they’re playing games with each other to connect. All must have played Dots and Boxes game (called Poojyam Vettu in Malayalam) in school during class time. It’s still a popular game in school and played universally (read Wikipedia article on the game HERE). The portal https://Vett.space implements the Dots and Boxes game in JavaScript. Players can play with their browser itself on the webpage and connect directly without any installation, registration; instant invite and play.

The game was initially created by Subin Siby of S6 B Tech (CSE B) along with Athul C Ajay (S4 B Tech (CSE) student at College Of Engineeering, Kidangoor) as part of an online hackathon called Hack-at-Home by Major League Hacking (MLH) : https://hack-at-home.devpost.com.  The game was then developed further over the next three weeks and published.

Play here : https://vett.space