“Pushpa Suraksha”: Vidya Skill Centre develops device to sanitise flowers

In these times of COVID – 19 pandemic and the current great upswing in the spread of corona virus, there is no telling from where the virus would attack us. The flowers which are extensively consumed during the Onam season in Kerala has the potential to be the carrier of the corona virus. Sensing this danger, the Skill Development Centre (SDC) of Vidya developed an innovative yet simple device to sanitize flowers thus enabling all to make this Onam season more colorful and safe. The device is an improvisation on the hands-free sanitiser dispenser developed by the Centre and it acn spray sanitizer on to the flowers kept in a vase. The device was developed by Mr Anil P S, SDC Coordinator and Mr Mijo Jose under the guidance of Mr Anil M, SDC Head.