They came calling!

A group of alumni of the MCA 2014 – 17 batch invited all the faculty and staff members of the MCA Dept for an informal chat via the Zoom platform on 20 September 2020. Nearly all faculty and staff of the Dept and also a former faculty member Dr Jisha Jose Panakkal joined the meeting. There was no specific agenda, no structure and no formalities. The former students were delighted to see their friends and teachers and the teachers were equally delighted to meet the former students. Teachers were especially delighted to learn that nearly all students, all interested students, have obtained some good job placements. All shared pleasant and funny memories of the days they spent together in Vidya, The alumna also talked about their desire to contribute something back to the Dept and to the College and to deepen the ties between them and the College. All chatted for over an hour and a half and disbursed with a resolve to strengthen the bond between the Dept and the former students of the Dept and to meet frequently in the future.

Some images of the meet