Dr Gangan Prathap, Director-Research in Vidya, one among top 2% scientists in the world!

Dr Gangan Prathap

As per a list compiled by a team of researchers in Stanford University, USA, Dr Gangan Prathap, Director-Research, VICT, is one among the top 2% scientists in the world! It is a great honour for Vidya to have a scientist like Dr Gangan Pratap as a Director to promote research activities in Vidya.

The list published in October in PLOS Biology, a reputed scientific journal, is based on the citation matrices and counts the life-time contributions made by scientists from 1960-2019 and their single-year contributions based on 2019 data. Among the 1,59,683 scientists and academicians enlisted worldwide, about 1,500 are from India.

To know more about Dr Gangan Prathap, read the Wikipedia article on him HERE.