VIBE 2021: Breaking exam fear – A motivational talk

Fear of examinations is a physiological condition in which students experience extreme stress, anxiety, and discomfort during and/or before taking a test. This anxiety creates significant barriers to learning and performance. Its level had fluctuated during the Covid – 19 pandemic as the students had not much chances for writing examinations. To help students overcome this stress, under the aegis of Vidya Initiative for Better Engineering, an online motivational talk was held for students of the 10th and plus-two classes on 6 march 2021.

The speaker was  Ms Smitha Sukumaran, Vocational Teacher, GVHSS, Kalliassery, Kannur. She started up with the main reasons for exam fear and beautifully narrated the steps to be taken to overcome the same. The session was realistic and helped the students to connect most of the points with their personal lives. She added some tips to face exams confidently without fear and tricks to be successful not only in exams, but also in life. Overall the programme helped the students to have a better understanding of the main mistakes and misconception that they develop during exams and its negative effects and the fruitful ways to overcome that.

Around 200 students appeared in the programme and  E-certificates were shared to all the students who attended the event.

Video record of the programme