VIBE 2021: Webinar on engineering education and placement opportunities

An online session on “Engineering Education and Placement Opportunities” was conducted for the +2 students and their parents from Mundur-Kaiparambu area as part of VIBE 2021. The session was handled by Mr Anil Paul (AP, ME Dept). There were about 70 participants in the programme conducted via Google Meet platform.

Mr Anil Paul began the session in an interactive mode with the students. He talked about ambition, about entrepreneur, about research and how engineering education could help a person to achieve his/her ambition.   He also gave an insight into the career opportunities through engineering education in various fields like banks, Defence, teaching, Govt. sector, PSUs, private sector etc.

He also talked about the various activities in Vdya both for the academic and all round development of the students.

A few of Vdya’s alumni – Shaheen, Elvis Tony, Sreehari G Varma, Sylvester and Henna T M – shared their experiences in the campus elaborating on how the various activities in the campus, the academic projects done by them, the placement training they obtained and teachers’ guidance all helped them get good placement in prestigious companies.