Variety of activities by NSS volunteers during lockdown

The NSS units of Vidya organised a variety of activities for volunteers during the current lock down period to observe important days in the month.  Getting involved in these activities helps students to avoid boredom and to utilize their time at home in a positive way.

Programmes organised
Event Date Activity
1 World Athletics Day 7 May 2021 Emoji riddle contest on “Athletes”
2 World Red Cross Day 8 May 2021 slogan writing contest
3 Mother’s Day 9 May 2021 Passage writing competition on the topic “memory with your mother”
4 Essay writing competition 10 May 2021 Topic for essay was “Lock down is not the same or everyone”
5 National Technology Day 11 May 2021 Video making contest
6 International Nurses Day 12 May 2021
7 Theme photography challenge 14 May 2021 Theme: Your lock down days”
8 International Day of Families 15 May 2021 Sharing a selfie with their family members
9 Troll making competition 16 May 2021 Topic : “Health workers vs corona”

Images: Trolls

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