NSS volunteers take part in virtual activities during lockdown

Video creation
  • On 18 May 2021, a group of NSS volunteers of Vidya prepared a short video showcasing the importance of using double mask during this pandemic period. They shared the video through social media so that awareness can be spread to more people.
  • On 22 May 2021, volunteers conducted an online survey to identify the psychological impacts of Covid -19 pandemic among students. Around 150 volunteers participated in the survey. From the survey, it was evident that the psychological well being of most of the students are negatively affected by the pandemic situation and associated lock down. There are some elements related to the pandemic that affect more people, such as separation from loved ones, loss of freedom, uncertainty about the advancement of the disease, and the feeling of helplessness.
“Caption It”
  • On 24 May 2021,  a “Caption It” contest was conducted among volunteers by NSS units of Vidya. An image related to the sacrifice of health practitioners during the pandemic period was shared among volunteers and they were asked to write a caption for the image. Around 50 volunteers participated in the contest.