S2 B Tech (CSE) students develop website offering marketing strategies

A group of S2 B Tech (CSE) students developed a website that provides unique and efficient marketing strategies and processes to clients that seek them. This was an outcome of the event “Vboot” conducted by IEEE Student Branch in Vidya. The creation is the website of an imaginary company named V-Lit which meets customer’s digital needs from very simple cards (greeting/ID/visiting) to astonishing websites done in the most professional way. The students used HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP and  JAVASCRIPT for developing the website and the website was hosted in github for free.
The technical and coordinating team consisted of Anurag Chandra, Asna Haris, Aswin M M , Anurudh Deepan, Advaith C J, Archana T K, Akhil Joshy, Azmiya P Nameer, Fathima Ziya, Hamna Nazrin, Hanna Jose and Hima Mustafa. The IEEE SB VAST executive committee (Sachin Jathavedan K, Fayas Muhammad Sageer, Gayathri Satheesh, Sneha Mohan,Uma V Menon, Abhay Kumar) extended their warm support and encouragement for hosting this website in the most vibrant and perfect way .
The website can be accessed at the link: https://v-lit.github.io/V-LiT/

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