EEE faculty member serves as resource person for Mathematical Software Webinar

Mr Arun Xavier (AP, EEE Dept) served as a resource person for an online Webinar on “Mathematical Software” on the topic “Introduction to LaTeX”, hosted by the Mathematics Club in association with Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities, Universal Engineering College, Vallivattom. His session was on 2 June 2021.



Also some useful links for LaTeX from his Youtube Channel if you are interested.

All things you need to know about LaTeX

LaTeX Playlist

1. LaTeX Introduction in Malayalam | First Document in LaTeX –

2. How to Install LaTeX Software | TeXworks and TeXStudio Software –

3. Document Classes in LaTeX | Article & Book Usage | Some Examples –

4. Chapter, Section, Subsection & Table of Contents –

5. How to insert Images | Options like Width Height, Scale, Angle | List of Figures –

6. How to insert Tables | Column & Row | List of Tables | Online Table Code Generator –

7. Bold, Italic, Underline | Bullets and Numbering | Colours | Font Size –

8. How to use Templates | BTech Seminar Report | LaTeX –

9. How to use Templates using Overleaf | No need to Install Softwares –

10. How to use the IEEEtran LaTeX | Basics of IEEEtran & master it in 30 Minutes | Overleaf –

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