ECE students create a smart receptionist!

A virtual receptionist is an automated reception system that takes the role of a receptionist and guides the incoming visitors by queuing them to their respective destinations or officials by showing route maps with the help of touch screen color panel and voice generation. A group of ECE students of Vidya, under the guidance of Dr Swapna Kumar (Prof and Head, ECE Dept) and Mr Ramesh C R (AP, ECE Dept) created a demonstration model of a virtual receptionist as part of their final year project. They called their project “Smart Receptionist”.

Smart Receptionist is a demonstration model of the concept of virtual receptionist at establishments like hospitals, multi-storey office buildings. The project was designed and developed using the recent trending technology known as Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The RPA based system was developed using the Bot designed using UiPath RPA Tool. The system, integrated with the Bot, detects a person in-front of it and enables a chat-bot to welcome the visitor and asks him/her to enter his/her personal details and purpose of visit, person to meet,etc. Once the information is entered,the Bot acknowledges it by giving the time allotted as per the required appointment and also gives the information regarding the route map to meet the person. At the same time the visitor will be issued a hard copy of the appointment slip via the thermal printer connected to the system. All the information regarding the visitors will be stored in the cloud in a spreadsheet format.

The students involved in the project were Salax Sunny, Soniya Raju, Joseph J Kulathingal, and Malavika Nair.