S4 B Tech CSE student completes ten-hours’ internship on MEAN Stack

Amritha Anand (S4 B Tech CSE – A batch) successfully completed ten hours Online Technical Internship Program on “MEAN Stack” organized by STDC, CDAC , Thiruvananthapuram during 28 June– 9 July 2021.

What is the MEAN Stack?

The MEAN stack is JavaScript-based framework for developing web applications. MEAN is named after MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node, the four key technologies that make up the layers of the stack.

  • MongoDB – document database
  • Express(.js) – Node.js web framework
  • Angular(.js) – a client-side JavaScript framework
  • Node(.js) – the premier JavaScript web server

There are variations to the MEAN stack such as MERN (replacing Angular.js with React.js) and MEVN (using Vue.js). The MEAN stack is one of the most popular technology concepts for building web applications.