Celebrate Vidya: Post Covid lock down, Vidya returns to its full vibrancy!

The College which had been remaining shut down, though only partially occasionally, since 10 March 2020,  has returned to its full vibrancy on 29 November 2021 with offline offline classes for B Tech freshers commencing on that date. The offline classes for all other batches had started sometime earlier. The strict implementation of the provisions of Covid protocol and ensuring that all adhere to the provisions is indeed a challenge to the authorities. However, initial reports indicate that there is a high level of awareness among all, especially the students, about the dangers of not adhering to the protocols.

To add to the vibrancy and to de-stress the students the authorities are planning to gradually open up the campus to collective cultural activities and performances. Allowing the Depts to organise inauguration functions of Dept Associations and organising Dept-level Xmas celebrations are some of the events under discussion.

Let us celebrate Vidya!