Third batch completes MCA Dept’s add on course on WHM

The MCA Dept successfully completed an add on course titled “Web Hosting Management” (WHM) for the students of the S5 MCA (2019 admissions) batch on 14 December 2021. This is the third batch of students to successfully complete the course. The first batch to take up the course was a group of S8 B Tech students and the sessions were conducted on 01 April 2019 and 08 April 2019. The second batch was the group of students of S5 MCA (2018 admissions) batch.

The course has some very unique features:

  • The idea for conducting such a course came of out of a desire to give the students the real experience of hosting a website in the portal.
  • The course was conceptualised by the faculty in the Dept and the details of the syllabus for the course was also prepared by the faculty of the Dept.
  • The financial resources for hiring server space for hosting the websites were raised from within the Dept.
  • The resource persons for the course were also faculty members of the Dept. In fact, Mr Sajay K R and Mr Dijesh P, Associate Professors in the Dept, were the resource persons for the course.

The course consisted of two part: In the first part, the students were given hands on training in the various aspects of hosting a website. This was don during 3 – 4 December 2021. In the second part, the students were made to actually host the website they had created as part of their Mini Project and this was done during 13 – 14 December 2021.

The students and faculty members were extremely pleased to see the websites they had created uploadedĀ  and running in the cloud!

The report on the course for the first batch

A brand new add-on course from MCA Dept