A brand new add-on course from MCA Dept

The MCA Dept of the College has started offering a new add-on course titled “Web Hosting Management”. The idea of the course was conceived in the Dept and the curriculum of the course was developed entirely by the faculty members of the Department. According to faculty members of the Dept, extensive searches of the internet had not produced any references to courses with contents similar to the newly introduced course. So the course offered is a unique one and not similar in content to any course offered by any institution in the world!

The course with about 15 hours of fully hands-on sessions was designed to fill a genuine gap in the syllabi of Computer Science/Computer Applications programmes. The syllabi do not cover the actual hosting of a website in a real cloud space. The newly developed addd-on course is designed to fill this gap.

Some two years back, the MCA Dept purchased with internally raised funds domain name and space to give learning experiences to participants of the Chip-to-Net workshops conducted by the Dept every year. The idea for conducting the add-course was germinated out of the realisation that the space owned by the MCA Dept was grossly underutilised. Prof Sajay K R and Prof Dijesh P, Associate Professors in the MCA Dept, developed the content for the add-on course based on the experiences they had acquired while running sessions for the participants of the Chip-to-Net workshops. They have also served as the resource persons for the first batch of the course.

A special attraction of the course was that each participant would get unlimited space to learn, experiment and practice the concepts studied in the the various sessions of the course.

The participants of the first batch were students of S8 B Tech classes and the classes for the batch were conducted as two full day sessions on 01 April 2019 and 08 April 2019. A faculty member and a Lab staff of the Dept also attended the course.

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