Principal releases MCA Departmental Seminar Proceedings

In a brief ceremony held in the Principal’s Cabin, Dr Saji C B, Principal, released the Proceedings of Vidya MCA Departmental Seminar (VMCADS – 2021) (22 – 23 November 2021) on 25 April 2022 in the presence of Dr Reji C Joy (Asso Prof, MCA Dept), Ms Aparna S Balan (AP, MCA Dept) and representatives of the students of S6 MCA (2019 – 22) Batch. The book is the proceedings of the two-day departmental seminar organised by the Department of Computer Applications (MCA) of Vidya during 22 – 23 November 2021. The seminar was the culmination of a coursework done by the MCA students during their Fifth Semester.

The MCA Dept started the tradition of publishing the seminar papers of students in the form of proceedings in the year 2013.

The background: What the regulations say

“As part of the course, each student is expected to undertake a detailed study on a technically relevant current topic in computer science/information technology under the supervision of a faculty member, by referring articles published in reputed journals/conference proceedings. Each student has to submit a seminar report, based on these papers; the report must not be reproduction of any original paper. The topic has to be presented taking a duration of 15 – 20 minutes. The report and slides for presentation has to be prepared using free typesetting software such as LATEX.”

In Vidya, the supervising teachers helped the students to identify the areas in which the students were to work and the teachers provided the students with some initial learning materials in the form of papers. After the initial reading of these materials, the students were asked to search for additional reading materials themselves. The students were required to study the papers and present a “study report/study paper” in a Departmental Seminar. The reports/papers collected in this volume are the study papers prepared by the students and presented in the Departmental Seminar. As part of the learning process, the students were also required to present the paper in the IEEE conference paper format. To facilitate this, the students were given a basic introduction to the LATEX software and the IEEEtran document style. In addition to gaining knowledge in any of the technically relevant current topics on computer science/information technology/research, the course also aimed at giving the students a hands on experience in preparing a conference/seminar paper.