EEE Dept Launches On-Site Internship 

The internship, “Practical Power Quality”  which is a 3 part course-cum-internship was launched successfully with good feedback from students. 12 students registered for this scheme. They joined for the 5 module on-line course with anticipation since the course would prepare them to understand the underlying issues and walk them through the monitoring process and creation of solutions. Thereafter the course continues in Bangalore under the guidance of Jef Techno Solutions Pvt. Limited and ELTEC International LLC for onsite work for monitoring and analysis using dedicated software.

After a month-long site work at different institutions, a project will be given to them based on the data collected. The projects will mainly focus on analysis and proposals for solutions based on the data collected. After a project presentation, the course would be completed with grading such that good performance can merit immediate employment. Right from the on-line course continuous evaluation is in operation.

The candidates are expected to get a generous allowance and free accommodation in Bangalore during on-site training. They will also get a certificate with signatories from different parts of the world since they will be trained on hardware and software from reputed companies like Gossen Metrawatt, Germany, Camille Baure, Switzerland, Merus Power, Finland, Electrotek (PQView), US etc.

Er Anilkumar Nair (Director of ELTEC International and Power Quality Specialist from Jef Techno Solutions) is the promoter for the internship on ‘Practical PQ.”