Happy Onam

Kerala is fully packed with contentment and enthusiasm. This morning, Kerala opens up with an entirely new world of an exotic taste, exquisite fragrances, and an enthralling display of beauty. It’s luminous all over the place, homes are enhanced with beautiful embellishments.

Today (08 September 2022) we celebrate ‘Thiruvonam’, the grand day which propagate harmony in the society. The myth of Mahabali might be as old and surreal as the God’s own country itself but the zeal and enthusiasm for celebrating Onam has remained the same over the years.

People with new clothes and worship the Thrikkakara appan ( Vaman Vishnu Idols). DifferentPookkalam, and atmosphere filled with traditional Onam songs (Onappattukal) to welcome king Mahabali . In some of the homes, a swing is slung on the high branch of a tree to enjoy the swinging ceremony. The celebrations with entertaining events such tug of war, exotic Kaikottikali dance, Tripunithura Athachamayam  processions, tableaus  all are working towards keeping the festivity intimate.

Thrissur to reverberate with Pulikali, Kummattikali, Onathallu  and Jalappooram  

Pulikali, (Kaduvakali) in Thrissur where people paint their bodies in yellow and white stripes and perform the dance on the fourth day of Onam (11 Sep 2022)  will be a photographer’s delight and happy to watch. This time Thrissur will reverberate with recreational folk art like OnathalluKummattikali, Jalappooram in Kanoli Kanal etc. As we believe in the proverb ‘Kaanam Vittum Onam Unnanam’ (One must indulge in an Onam feast, even if they have to sell their property)’, celebrating this Onam with Onam Sadhya, a culinary festival with traditional dishes seals the celebrations with wishes for a new cycle of a harvest.

On the auspicious occasion of  Onam with indication of  cheer, prosperity, and peace that lasts the whole year, the Editorial Team of News & Events wishes a  very HAPPY ONAM to all .