Onam celebrations with great gusto by Vidya Students

Vidya college buildings reverberate with drum beats and students were dressed up in traditional attires to celebrate Onam on 03  September 2022. The Pookalam made by the departments indeed brought in the festive look of Onam.

Even though the celebration revolved around Onam, the students maintained the multi-cultural environment of the campus and showcased some of the traditional art forms of Kerala.

Various departments of  the college organised programmes to celebrate Onam this year with attractive titles  ‘Thallonam’  by CE Dept,  ‘Olam’ by CSE Dept , Psych Onam by EEE Dept, Aaravam by ECE Dept and ‘Mechonam’ by ME Dept .

All the departments gracefully explained about the festivities that take place during this festival which included intricately decorated Pookalam, a huge spread of the tasty Onasadya, the breathtaking and exotic Kaikottikali dance, different kinds of competitions etc .

This festive day witnesses students put their best foot forward to highlight their rich cultural heritage through song, dance and  the beats of the traditional drums etc . The serene Vidya  turned  into a vibrant riot of colors and music and celebrated with a great splendour.

The students presented programmes with great quality and harmony .

Hearty appreciations to all