Hearty appreciations to Dr  Bhavin K Bharath  for his successful PhD thesis defense

Vidya faculty members play an important role in the continued development of the engineering education by equipping themselves  with the academic  skills and additional qualifications .

It is with great pleasure that we announce latest entrant to Vidya’s growing pool of PhD holders .

Mr Bhavin K Bharath successfully defended his thesis titled “Investigations of Ternary Alcohol Blends and Hybrid Nanolubricant on Performance, Emission, Noise and Vibration Characteristics of a SI Engine” on 06 September 2022. His major area of research was alternative fuels and Nanofluids for IC engines.

Dr  Bhavin completed his PhD under the supervision of Dr Arul Mozhi Selvan (Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli).

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya family in extending heartfelt congratulations to Dr  Bhavin as he starts on an innovative period and wishing  him All the very Best  to lead  to the embodiment of his academic journey !!!