First year MCA students experience the sources of knowledge and insight by their presentation sessions

The newly admitted students of S1 MCA started off with their sessions on ‘Effective Presentations’ as done in previous years. The whole idea of the session on Presentation is to get oneself equipped with the courage to face the audience and be bold enough to present their ideas.

Students are free to select a topic of their choice – it can be sports, latest trends IT, fashion, music or similar. Each student has to make a presentation with or without the help of ppt for about 20 minutes in front of their classmates in English. Student co-ordinators for the entire presentation were identified, who keep track of the activities of the session. The Sessions on Presentations were coordinated by the tutors Mr Sajay K R (Asso Prof, MCA Dept) and Ms Siji K B (Asst Prof, MCA Dept). Initially few volunteers were identified for presentations, later on all students were given the schedule of presentations. The first session was held on 14 October 2022.

The interactive presentations really  helped  to engage the students by having them participate instead of passively listening to classes delivered by the faculty members.