EXECOM 2023 : IEDC Office Bearers

The IEDC  (Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Center) of Vidya  has been contributing exemplary well  to  the  student’s entrepreneurial journey and support  them with access to latest  technology, high  class infrastructure and  quality mentorship.

To accelerate entrepreneurial culture in the institution under the leadership of students, IEDC conducted  quite a few personal interviews with  prospective candidates by Mr Anil M (Nodal Officer, IEDC Asst Prof, ECE Dept). The new office bearers were selected and the list of selected candidates was announced :-

Nodal Officer, IEDC  : Mr Anil M ( Asst Prof, ECE Dept)
Name of the Student Dept IEDC Title
Kavya M Jayanthan S7, EEE, Chief Executive Officer
Jeeva H M S5, ECE Chief Operating Officer
Abhishek S Nair S5, EEE Chief Technical Officer
Krishnadev N S5, ME Chief Financial Officer
Christy K F S7, CE Women Lead
Anakh Krishna S7, ME Chief Marketing Officer
Vishak T S3, EEE Chief Marketing Officer
Suraj Shaju S3, EEE Chief Creative Officer
Athul Krishna C S S5, ME Chief Creative Officer
Sahil Sugathan S3, ECE Project Lead
Sreelakshmi S S5, ECE Project Lead
Harikrishnan K S S3, EEE Media Lead
 Niranjan Krishna S S5, ECE Media Lead
Arunima S Sarath S5, ECE Chief Activity Officer
 Sidharth P S S3, ECE Chief Activity Officer
Bharath Shankar S5, ME Industrial Lead
Vismaya N Sasi S5, ECE Industrial Lead
Alwin Simon S7, ME Chief Social Officer
Aswin V P S5, ME Chief Social Officer
The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya family in extending hearty congratulation to the new EXECOM 2023 and wishing all the best  to continue the entrepreneurial  culture and maintaining  Vidya  as an innovation platform by contributing technically competent and skilled Entrepreneurs !!!