VICT Chairman visits Vidya

To encourage team Vidya and to  discuss the action plans for further  all-round development of the institution, Mr Sabu Soumian  (Chairman, VICT) paid a visit to Vidya’s campus  on 01  February  2023. The Chairman appreciated Vidya Staff Members for their dedication and understanding that  helps in its journey towards excellence.

To take forward the esteemed legacy of the college, exclusive meetings were also held with the Heads of academic and non-academic Departments. The Chairman stressed to  continue giving priority to our key stakeholders – our students – by creating opportunities and thereby inspiring them to achieve their goals. The Chairman also focused on the  important areas like Education, placement, industry interactions, internships, alumni interactions etc for ensuring the graduates from Vidya to become industry ready.

The Chairman interacted with the co-ordiators of VIBE  (Vidya Initiative for Better Engineering) and discussed strategies for taking Vidya  to greater  heights through collaborative efforts, dedication and perseverance of all members of  Vidya fraternity.

The visit served as a morale booster to team Vidya for their  wholehearted efforts to build a generation of outstanding individuals.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity to express our heartfelt gratitude to the Chairman for his valuable visit to Vidya Campus !!!